Why choose us?

Why choose us?

As an independent IT consulting company, we manage the entire ERP implementation project for our clients. With 23 years of industry experience, we know that a carefully selected and properly customised ERP system can bring stability and significant growth to your company. We strongly believe that our clients will benefit from our assistance with ERP project implementation, and that maximised solution efficiency will bring a good return on investment in our services.


Having carried out more than 110 corporate IT projects, we represent our clients in all phases of ERP implementation (e.g. definition of needs, vendor selection, legal and communication assistance), right up to solution deployment.

We bridge expectations and possibilities

Oftentimes, a wide gap exists between what a client expects and what an IT solution vendor proposes — and closing this gap is crucial in our work. Beyond our years of industry experience and a proven track record of successful project implantation, most of our team members have previous professional experience on the IT vendor side. This professional background and knowledge establishes a foundation of good, efficient cooperation, and helps bridge any gaps between clients and vendors.

Six good reasons why choose us

Wide-ranging professional experience

Very few IT consultancy firms know more than 3 or 4 ERP system types. We are expert in 17 different ERP solutions!


Our service fees are clearly detailed, easy to understand, and contain zero hidden costs.

‘Our way’ of communicating

IT solutions can be complicated. We use ‘human’ language to communicate possible solutions in ways that are easy to understand.

Up-to-date market information

In addition to knowing about all available IT vendors, we also have the latest details on all their latest IT project contributions.

A-to-Z support

We’re a partner that will stand beside you for the full duration of a project — from the planning phase up to successful deployment.

Higher added value

We want our clients to get more than they expect. We are confident that, with our help, a more efficient solution will bring a quick ROI in our services.