Our services

NOREX ERP is a product- and vendor-independent consulting group. Our main fields of consulting expertise are: IT and management; integrated ERP systems; and other client-based systems (SFA, HR, CRM, DMS, WMS etc.).  

Our many Hungary-based clients include SMEs, large companies, and public corporations and institutions.

We cooperate mainly with manufacturing and service-provider companies active in a wide range of industries—e.g. food, paper, automotive, and energy.

How do we help you to succeed?

We begin by analysing your company’s processes, and then proceed to articulating an IT strategy. We then carry out a financial planning assessment to see whether the proposed IT investment will help grow your company’s value.

Next, we create a ‘requirements specification’, which allows us to develop a completely customised system to optimise your business processes. This involves the following:

We help you to define your needs precisely, while taking into consideration each available ERP solution.

We select the best provider through a tendering process we manage from beginning to end.

We help you to understand all the incoming offers so you can make clear and effective comparisons.

We bridge expectations and possibilities

We provide continuous technical and legal assistance in cooperating with your selected provider. This brings special added value if your company lacks an IT project manager with several years’ experience in ERP implementation projects.

We are 100% committed to making your ERP project smooth and successful, and will work to ensure that the IT solution being implemented will make your company more efficient and productive.

  • Assessment of business requirements
  • Preparation of requirements specifications
  • Full support in software and vendor selection
  • Elaboration of selection criteria based on a complete methodology
  • Quality control and project management of ERP implementation projects
  • Functional and integrational auditing of ERP systems
  • Preparation and auditing of ERP-related supplier contracts (including SLAs), plus negotiation management with service providers and suppliers
  • IT and ERP strategy
  • Gap-Fit analysis (i.e. detecting critical IT and process gaps during company mergers)
  • BPR consultancy regarding ERP system impacts on business processes

Get in touch with us

We continuously assist you during the cooperation with the selected provider. This assistance has a special added value if there is not any IT project manager in your company with several years’ experience in ERP implementation projects.